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I’ve recently decided to drink water.

What? You mean you don’t drink water, how are you still alive?

Well, I would drink lots of other things, like coffee or ice tea or flavored beverages. And that was getting me by, but I could tell that my body really wanted me to start drinking water.

Now, I don’t know about you, but for some reason I just didn’t like the taste of water. But wait, water doesn’t have a taste. Well to some degree that’s true, but it does still have a taste.

Most waters out there do have some sort of a taste and most of them (my cat Roo is sitting here next to me snoring) didn’t taste good to me, so I started trying many different brands out.

Here’s what I discovered: If I drank water that was cold with a straw, I enjoyed drinking it a lot more. But it still had to be a decent tasting water.

Several brands of waters tasted better to me than others. Essentia and Eternal were two brands that I liked if the water was cold.

But it’s a hassle to go and buy water all the time.

Then I remembered that I have a Berkey Water Filter system, which had been sitting disused forever. So, I decided to clean it out and fill it up with water.

I’ve now filled up several glass jars with water for me to drink and I find the water to be very tasty.

Here’s the added bonus – I decided to make some tea with Berkey water that I had boiled and the tea tasted totally different! Softer and much yummier. Not only that, the filter gets rid of almost everything that is bad in your water.

I highly recommend Berkey Water Filters.


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